"We either make ourselves
miserable or we make ourselves strong.
The amount of work is the same.
- Don Juan Journey to Xtlan




Services Provided

I work with young adults, adults, couples and groups.
All populations are welcome, including all races, sexual orientations (LGBT), elderly or disabled individuals.

Below are some of the concerns that are most often brought to therapy:

  • Abuse: adult survivors of emotional, physical and/or sexual childhood abuse. Typical symptoms include fear, anxiety, low self esteem and PTSD.

  • Addiction: occurs when a substance or object has control over an individual who feels powerless to resist and when this becomes ongoing and progressive.

  • Anxiety: social phobias, panic disorder, panic attacks, situational (e.g. fear of flying) or generalized.

  • Chronic illness/ ongoing health issues: finding meaning and coping mechanisms in the face of these significant life challenges.

  • Depression: feelings ranging from sadness and emptiness to an overwhelming experience of despair, helplessness and hopelessness.

  • Eating disorders: food is connected to our earliest experiences of nurturing and as a result many deep issues are played out in our relationship to food. A history of emotional, sexual and/or physical abuse can also provoke disordered eating. *

  • Grief and loss: grieving, heartbreak, in response to losses such as separation, divorce, death of a loved one (person or animal), or dealing with life-altering transitions (e.g. relocation, loss of a job).

  • Loneliness: a sense of isolation, difficulty finding and/or maintaining friendships or relationships.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): an anxiety disorder characterized by repetitive unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and/or behaviors and rituals (compulsions).

  • PTSD: post traumatic stress may result from early childhood experiences of abuse and trauma or more recent events, such as an accident, rape or war. These traumas leave a person with overwhelming feelings of helplessness and terror that can be triggered at any given moment.

  • Relationship: couples, pre-marital and marital issues, separation, divorce.

  • Stress: triggered by everyday living with its pressures, expectations and demands, as well as major crises such as illness, divorce, being fired from a job.

All issues are welcome!

* severe anorexic clients must also be in treatment with a medical doctor